You don’t need a reason to laugh! Don’t rely on humour, jokes and comedy. Your brain doesn’t recognize fake laughter from the real one. It triggers the same reactions. And eventually, with practice, you tap into real laughter in seconds.

Why laugh?

  •  Abdominal muscle and diaphragm movement activates the parasympathetic system (the calming branch of the autonomic nervous system). That is where we need to be if we want to heal.
  • Laughter forces the residual air out of the lungs through longer exhalation. As a result, you increase your oxygen level, decrease the stress levels and boosts the immune system.
  • It can help to develop a sense of humour and childlike playfulness, which, later on, brings natural laughter to your daily life.
  • Laughter creates biochemical and biological changes in the body, through increased production of endorphins; it is a mood booster, and it triggers the healing process in the body.
  • When laughing with someone, it creates an instant connection.
  • And if you have been thinking of exercise; laughter strengthens your abdominal muscles too.

What made me posts this?

  • I remember the times when I didn’t have many reasons to laugh, and those were the times when I needed it most. Times when I started to practice laughter yoga.
  • In coaching sessions, clients often want to work on their happiness level, stress relief, relationships, health, career, spirituality and many more. All these areas can be positively influenced by laughter practice.
  • Pandemics and with it related lockdown might have been a difficult time for many. I certainly appreciated laughter without reason these days. Time to create more laughter for yourself! Enjoy its benefits:)

Here is a small challenge for you: laugh aloud for 2 minutes without stopping. Take the stopwatch and laugh! You might want to increase the length of the laughter over time.

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