To feel great is the goal for most of the people. In fact “to be happy is one of the answers” I hear most often when asking “what do you want most in your life?”. All our emotions are created in our minds based on what we think. Nowadays, fantastic marketing strategies of companies try to persuade us that some product (external) will make us happier. That might be partially true. However, it is not the product itself but our thoughts (internal) about the product and its effect on our life, what makes us happy in the first place.

Our thoughts about things, people, situations, events and world, in general, generate our feelings. Our feelings generate our behaviours and actions. Lastly, our actions create our results. When you feel great, you will most likely lift the mood of those around you and get more things done than if you feel gloomy. As a result, your actions will generate excellent outcomes and more positive thoughts about yourself and the world around you. And vice versa; You think poorly about yourself or others. You have the whole scale of negative feelings. Taking any action seems pointless to you, so you avoid it. You might judge yourself, feel guilty and stuck and again not take any action.

BREAK THIS VICIOUS CIRCLE TODAY! To see what you are thinking, ask yourself: “What do I feel right now?” Explore the thoughts behind your feelings. Be aware of your thoughts and choose those which will help you feel the way you want.

What feelings would you like to experience more often?

If you need some help with increasing awareness around your thoughts and creating a new empowering mindset so you can start taking actions, contact me for a free discovery call.

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