Last month of 2019 is here. Have you decided on your destination for 2020 yet?

I am not talking (only) about the place you want to travel in the upcoming year. I am talking about the reality you wish to create for yourself. What do you want to achieve in 2020?

Imagine that you have in your disposition a car, a certain amount of time and a map. You might jump into the car and start driving in any direction discovering whatever is on your way, arriving at the surprising destinations which might either please you or not. Or you might decide to take the map, choose where you want to get and what other things you want to experience on your way there. Now, the map is your clarity around your goals and action plan. The car is you – you will take yourself to the desired destination. The fuel for your journey is your commitment and determination.

Whatever you decide to achieve, make sure you are fuelled by love and growth, not by the scarcity. That will supply your commitment and determination and ensure that you will like the final destination once you have arrived. When you start your car, stay focused on your journey and enjoy what comes on the way. You might get lost, you might need to change the road or remove some obstacles. You might even decide to change the destination. Everything is fine. Never stop to TRUST THE PROCESS! You will find the way to your desired destination at the right time.

Contact me for free discovery call if you want help with gaining clarity on your destination or how to get there.


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