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Radka Bartuskova

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I witnessed many people to be dissatisfied with their lives and yet doing nothing about it. It made me think it is the usual way to live. And it certainly is normal, but not necessary. Once I have realised that I became committed to coaching and helping people be conscious creators of their life.

My clients experience their energy raising along with increased awareness. Throughout the coaching process they become conscious creators of their life, transforming their vision into reality. In coaching we address not only the external strategies and practical steps on how to reach the goals, but also the inner world of each individual. How we perceive the situations and world around us, this determines our results.


Coaching with me is for you if:

You feel like you are missing out on something

You feel stuck and directionless

You have a fear of not living up to your potential

You feel like you are capable of so much more than you are doing right now

You are second guessing your decisions

You want to create a life according to your vision but have no idea where to start


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You are the CEO of your life, make sure you manage it otherwise somebody else will do it for you. You can no longer be an effect of your life but its creator. Your satisfaction and sense of fulfilment are entirely in your hands!


Package consists of 9 sessions including Energy Leadership Assessment. You will discover how could you use your energy more effectively towards your goals and address anything you would like to improve in your life.

There is a great variety of topics you might want to bring in:

  • Life purpose & life’s direction
  • Dissolving anxiety and stress
  • From manager to leader
  • Career transition
  • Career enhancement
  • Increasing productivity
  • Setting up a business
  • Relationships
  • Engagement in your roles



E.L.I. is an attitudinal assessment measuring your level of energy/awareness based on your perception of the word. It gives you a clear picture of how you use your energy on a daily bases and how you could use it most effectively to create the life you crave to have.

ELI takes something as abstract as the perceptions, beliefs and attitudes and turns it into very understandable model helping to create strategies to maximisation of your potential.

Attitudes are very subjective and can be altered. ELI is a perfect tool for how to master your attitudes to deepen your level of satisfaction.


Don't take my word for it

Adriana Calado, London

Content Editor
Radka was all I could have hoped for in a coach. She listened attentively, asked incredibly probing questions, challenged me to find different perspectives on the same issues, and always kept me focused even when I sidetracked. She is truly a light, positive spirit and an easy person to connect with, which really helped me open up. Thank you Radka for allowing me to learn about energy leadership and how to approach many situations in my life from different angles and levels of energy – I feel so much more empowered to take control of my emotional wellbeing and my actions!

Samantha, London

Personal Development Coach
Working with Radka has been an incredible support for me, she is a very talented coach with such a powerful loving presence. She truly held such a safe non-judgemental place for me where I always felt understood, listened to and supported. Radka is very skilled when it comes to coaching you through your fears and limiting beliefs, she never failed to help me move forward with a whole new perspective where I felt more of who I really am and in alignment with my values. I would wholeheartedly recommend Radka as your coach, I feel so blessed to have found her!

Radka Sovsakova, Bratislava

Marketing Manager
Radka is an excellent, highly professional coach with a great instinct and ability to listen. During our sessions Radka challenged me, encouraged me and always made me look inside for the answers. We experienced many “AHA! moments” and I learned so much about myself that I was ready to make not baby steps towards my dreams but huge leaps without a fear of failure. I also highly recommend energy leadership which helped me handle many challenging situations since and I wish I have known this long ago.

Anonymous, London

Director of a FTSE100 company
Look no further if you are seeking someone to be a proactive and sharp listener, who asks you clever questions to make you come up with answers which resonates with your core, and just simply being an effective empathetic coach! The aftermath of each session with Radka makes me feel more confident in pursuing what I already know within me but which she helped untangle. Highly recommended!

Martha Bayona, London


I have been in touch with Radka and she had helped me a lot with my short term goals. She had helped me to think and create a way to act and move forward with things I had in my mind for a long time but I didn’t know how to organize them and how to take action on them. Through a session, I discovered, thanks to her guidance, different routes that I can follow, ways that are on my immediate hand and I could start right away. Highly recommend her.

Thanks universe to put Radka on my path


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